Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Community Update: January 2017

Friends and supporters of the Community of the Holy Trinity, we need some help. We are currently in a position of not being able to make our rent. Our Prior Larry has been mostly unemployed since June, and his current employment leads will come through late February at the earliest. We are asking you now to help us through this tight time. Our need is $1750 to cover rent ($750 January and $1050 February). Anything over that $1750 will go to our Building Fund. 

In the next couple of months we will share our Building Fund plans, our hopes in regard to purchasing a space where we can once again live fully into our Rule of life, offering hospitality and having space for a chapel that can also host the Oratory of Jesus Christ, Reconciler.  If you would like to make monthly donations for that purpose let us know; now is a good time to begin if you are led to do so.  Be sure to say whether your January and February donations should go to our immediate need or to the Building Fund.

To make donations use the donate button in the side bar.  You can also mail a check to 3748 W. Eastwood Ave #2, Chicago, IL 60625.

Prior Larry paints icons, which also brings in income! If you would prefer to purchase an icon rather than make a donation, please contact Larry or visit his Etsy shop at, where you can see his stock or commission an icon.

Thank you very much for all your support over the years, your love and your prayers. And thank you in advance for any financial donation you may want to send. Money will of course help, but we value appreciate your prayers even more.

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