Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Reflection on the death of Brother Roger of Taize

The next post on our sidebar links was to be on the community of Taize and Brother Roger. On news of Brother Roger's slaying it is a good if sad moment to tell a bit of how Taize has influence this community and its founding.
Most of the members of this community both former and current had been aware of Taize initially through Taize prayer services held through out the US in various churches. Like many people many of us did not realize both the protestant and ecumenical nature of the community of Taize. It was in the years when Kate and Larry were in seminary at Fuller, in Pasadena California, and then North Park began to read discover more about the community and Brother Roger.
Taize as a Protestant and ecumenical monestary lead Larry while in seminary to reflect on how monastic life might be lived out in the context of American church life. Though at the time he was not thinking of starting an intentional community. Larry's reflections were more along the lines of how he as a future pastor in the Evangelical Covenant Church might encourage a Protestant monasticism in a local church. His initial thoughts were along the lines of how he might lead a local church into accepting and encouraging believers who felt called to live disciplined celibate monastic life, to form a monastic community along side a local church. His thinking was deeply influenced by what he read about Taize and its Rule.
Then as the first members Kate, Larry, Billy and Laura met in Late 2002 early 2003 to study community life and monasticism, along with reflecting on Billy and Laura's postitive and negative experiences with the Jesus People USA community in Chicago, and studying various manastic rules, the rule of Taize and the history of the community were primary sources in forming the basic vision of Holy Trinity and left significant trace on our Rule.
Among the various prayer liturgies used by our community the now out of print prayer book Praise God: Common Prayer at Taize is used regularly for our Morning and evening Prayer.
God has formed us through Brother Roger and the Community of Taize. We feel a profound loss at Brother Roger's passing and thank God for the ministry of his servant that has touched so many.
Borther Roger, the community of Taize and Brother Roger's assailant are all in our Prayers.
Lord have Mercy.

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