Wednesday, May 24, 2006

On the Move

Nothing has been posted here in awhile, nearly 7 months. The reasons for this are varied, but mostly because the community has been drifting, since we were uncertain about where God was leading us, and how to continue as a community.
Two things have slowly emerged in the the last 7 months. First since February we have been in conversation with the organization Culture is Not Optional (CINO) about being a community under their organizations umbrella. Nothing has been finalized but the prospects look good. Two advantages of this relationship would be being able to expand our networks and networking abilities through CINO, the other is we would have our tax exempt status through them. We will see if all the details work out in the end.
The other thing that has happened and this just since the beginning of March is that we have been offered to occupy the parsonage (being called the "'nige" by some members) of Immanuel Lutheran Church here in Chicago, where Church of Jesus Christ Reconciler meets Sunday Evening. That conversation and negotiations have been finalized and today we sign the lease and property sharing agreement and begin moving in begin our lease June 1st. With this we are adding two members to our community.
We are excited about this opportunity for our community and its future. We will be able to use the side chapel at Immanuel Lutheran Church for community daily prayers, and will have ample studio space for our various artists and musicians in the community.
So, we have passed from being a little aimless as a community to having a sense that God has great things in store for us and a sense that this community in fact has a future.

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