Saturday, October 30, 2010

Interested in Joining the Community of Holy Trinity?

This fall we moved into an additional living space an apartment in Immanuel Lutheran's bell tower (there are no bells in the bell tower).

With this new space we have two immediate openings for anyone interested in joining (either 2 single persons, or 1 single and a couple). Immediate means beginning the process of joining with probable move in date one or two months after beginning the process. We will also have openings in early 2011 for anyone who may be looking but not in the immediate position to join in the next two to three months.

The process begins by contacting the community, see contact page for our contact informaiton.

Prospective members then will be contacted by Prior Larry Kamphausen, or the current member assigned to reception of new members. in order to schedule a visit to the community and explain the process of being considered for membership (also outlined in our Rule). One can read the Rule found here. The first question asked of any prospective member is whether or not one is lead to live under the Rule of life. After having read the Rule and visiting the community the process from that point depends on a number of factors, including prospective members situation.

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