Thursday, May 28, 2009

*CINO and Imagining spaces

*CINO has raised over 1500 dollars by yesterday towards the purchase of the Huss School property.  The deadline for the closing date for the property was moved back so they have a new deadline to raise the approximately 4000 dollars to be able to purchase the property.  
You can read the further progress and some of what it has been like attempting to raise $20,000 in less than a month at the Imagining Spaces Blog also if you want to learn more about *CINO and their hopes and plans for this property you can read up on it here and donate here.

We at Holy Trinity are having our own exploration of new possible spaces, as we look at rethinking some of how we have organized the space we have in Immanuel's parsonage and as we look at some apartments on our block as possible space that would allow us to accept two new members sometime during the fall.  We have some things to figure out as we do this, and need to way how to move forward and be sure that now is the time to take the chance of expanding in this way.   For me the success *CINO is having in this ambitious project encourages me to think that we also can do a slightly less ambitious but no less of a challenge of expanding by two more members and two rental properties.

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