Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A long year, but new things are on the horizon

Last year at this time we were uncertain if we had a space for the Community of the Holy Trinity.    And it had been just a few months since the Church of Jesus Christ Reconciler came completely under our oversight and became the Oratory of Jesus Christ, Reconciler.   It has been two years since our Rule was re-written to reflect that we were to be the first House of the Order of Jesus Christ, Reconciler.  In the past year we have been in a bit of maintaining.  The ministry of the Oratory has continued though our ability to offer hospitality has been curtailed in our current space.  We've hosted a few events but that is about all.  We have no space for guests.

Come september and the fall we will step into our new role as a House of the Order of Jesus Christ Reconciler as the Order will be inaugurated and profession of vows will take place on September 6th.
We also hope to begin raising money for and beginning the search for a property in Chicago.

Things have moved very slow around these changes over the past few years, but things are coming together.

Once the Order is founded we will be officially a House of the Order of Jesus Christ, Reconciler.

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