Thursday, August 28, 2014

Brief Update on the Community

In a week from this Saturday, three of our members will be professing permanent vows as the Order of Jesus Christ, Reconciler is founded.  At that time Holy Trinity will be the first House of the Order (thought we have been functioning in that way for the past year).
In order to live fully into being a House of the Order of Jesus Christ, Reconciler we will be looking for a property that will serve as our residence with worship space for our daily prayer and as the main worship space for the Oratory of Jesus Christ, Reconciler.

We are also looking for people who are interested in intentional Christian community and would be willing to commit to the community in this time of transition and commit to become resident members upon our moving into our new property.  Our current space doesn't allow us to receive new members as resident at this time.

At this time we are looking at our finances and consulting a fundraiser as we prepare for this next stage in our life as a community.

We do have immediate needs so if you wish to support our work at this time use the donate button in the side bar, or send a check to The Community of the Holy Trinity, 3748 W. Eastwood # 2, Chicago IL, 60625.  We are a religious non-profit.

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